about me

Hi everyone!

Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself. Although no-names are given in this place, as I would like to keep my personal identity private for all the obvious reasons, I myself am a kyphoscoliosis sufferer. I had undergone a scoliosis correction surgery about a decade ago, when I was in my teens. Now my (apparently titanium) screws are broken, the curve continues to progress, and I found myself fighting for around five years for my GP to refer me back to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (where I originally had my corrective surgery) for further treatment. When I would explain that my curve is getting worse, all doctors I have seen kept on telling me that at my age this is not possible. Yet no one would send me for an x-ray or dig up my old records. I spend half a decade seeking out for help but all I got is a few conversations with unresponsive potato heads who live off my tax money.

For me kyphosis has been a major obstacle in my life and I often found myself struggling to get the answers to my questions. I had to seek for information on my own. However, instead of keeping all that juicy research and information I discover hidden somewhere in a subfolder on my computer, I thought perhaps I should share it with the world. I have therefore started the Kypho blog. This way, whether finding the content on this blog intriguing, informative or beneficial, I hope someone out there with the scoliosis condition will also benefit in some way.