Anyone with the necessary education who wants to apply for a more prestigious and well-paid position should be able to write a CV. This is necessary so that a potential employer can learn as objectively as possible about the skills and decide whether he or she needs the next employee on his or her staff. It is also possible with a CV to list in more detail the qualities that may be overlooked in an interview.

You can't do without a personal résumé when applying for a job as a manicurist and pedicurist. Of course, when the device medium or entry-level salon, probably only an interview with a further probationary period. However, if the technician considers himself a true professional and wants to work in business salons or various offices of medical institutions and fitness centres, he simply needs a competent CV.

What is a personal resume

Writing a personal resume when applying for a job is a listing of all the skills in a particular profession. A person knowing the strengths and weaknesses of their personality describes them and gives adequate information about their job experience, education and training.

When writing a CV one should not give any incorrect information about their skills, because when you later enter the work experience it can be unpleasant circumstances, as every manager who respects himself and his business will fully check all the items submitted by the employee resume. Take a closer look at the nail technician resume sample and what professional skills a nail technician needs to specify.

First point

In this section, you need to accurately indicate your personal information:

  • last name, first name;
  • your full date of birth;
  • Indicate whether you are married or not;
  • provide information about your place of residence at the time of application;
  • include your telephone number and email.

Second point

  • how many years of experience as a manicurist and pedicurist and in which salons you worked;
  • Describe their own external characteristics (managers also pay attention to this point, as this position requires a pleasant and well-groomed appearance);
  • Write if you have any references;
  • Describe the reputation you have built up in the field;
  • Explain in detail if you have a customer base and how many clients you have.

We recommend that you decide which type of CV is right for you: chronological, functional, combined; depending on the type, the structure of the CV will differ.