Arterial Supply of Dura Mater

Dura mater is supplied meningeal branches of so many arteries. These meningeal branches are divided into following three sets.

  1. Anterior: For anterior cranial fossa.
  2. Tea
  3. Milk
2. Middle: For middle cranial fossa.
3. Posterior: For posterior cranial fossa. Anterior meningeal branches

These branches arise from:
1. Anterior and posterior ethmoidal arteries.
2. Internal carotid artery. 3. A branch from middle meningeal artery. Middle meningeal branches

Middle meningeal branches
1. Middle meningeal artery: It is a branch from maxillary artery. It is the largest of the meningeal arteries. Entering through foramen spinosum it lies deep to pterion. This landmark of the artery is clinically important for neurosurgeons. Here it divides into anterior frontal and posterior parietal branches. Some of the branches may ascend upto vertex and anastomose with the corresponding branches of other side.
2. Accessory meningeal artery: It is also branch of maxillary artery and it enters cranium through foramen ovale.
3. A branch from ascending pharyngeal artery enters through foramen lacerum. Posterior meningeal branches
1. Meningeal branch of occipital artery. It may be two. One enters through jugular foramen and another through mastoid foramen.
2. Multiple meningeal branches of vertebral artery.
Apart from very fine branches from all of the above meningeal arteries distributed to dura mater, branches are also distributed to periosteum (endosteum), bone and bone marrow.

Source: Easy and Interesting Approach to Human Neuroanatomy (Clinically Oriented) (2014)