Digestive Secretions
Regulation of secretion
Gastric secretion
Secretin and GIP (gastric inhibitory peptide)
Other GI hormones
Liver Functions
Movements of stomach
Phases of gastric secretion
Chemical nature of hormones
Central pumping organ
Structure of cardiac muscle
Conducting system of the heart
Events in ventricular systole
Normal values
Variations in values
Maintenance of arterial blood pressure
Gross Anatomy
Internal Structure Of Cerebellum
Nuclei Of Cerebellum
Gross Surface Features
Structures Other than Cortical Gyri
Gyri and Sulci on Medial Surface
Arteries of Brain
Branches of Circle of Willis
Venous Drenage Of Brain
Blood Supply Of Spinal Cord
Venous Drenage Of Spinal Cord
Blood-Brain Barrier